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Garlic Scottish Crowdie

Garlic Scottish Crowdie

Centuries of tradition of crofters making cheese on farm in the Scottish Highlands are behind the Traditional Scottish Crowdie. soft fresh cheese with a smooth creams texture, sour notes and a salty finish,

This lovely mild cheese was introduced to us by Daniel Martinez, a Spanish cheesermaker who spent a year working with us here.


Crowdie is excellent on baguette or crackers but is also a very versatile cooking cheese. Adding it to sauces or pastas adds: velvety finish and mild tang, using it in combination with the Nostrala to make the best grown-up Macaroni and Cheese delicious. It can also be used to make delicious cheesecakes, both baked an unbaked.


Very similar to a mild goat cheese or boursin  


 (avg 150 grams)

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