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Kootenay Meadows

The careful management of our family farm is one of the greatest passions of our lives. 

Certified organic, grass-fed , happy cows producing beautiful dairy products in the heart of the Kootenays  

Spring Turn Out
Self Guided Tours
Other Local Products

Spring Turnout

A local Favourite, Come see the cows as they leave the barn after winter and head out to the fields.

Be sure to arrive early so you don't miss a thing! Barn doors open for the cows at 11am

Self-Guided Farm Tour

Come walk through the barn, meet the cows and learn about every step of the process. You can even see our milking robots "Karen" and "Debra" hard at work.

Farm Shop

Open 10-2pm Thurs-Fri

Open 10-4pm Sat 

Closed Sun-Wed

Our Products

All of our products are produced and bottled fresh on our organic, grass-based farm. We only use milk from our single herd of well loved cows in the beautiful Creston Valley 

Glass Bottled Milk

Homogenized Milk 946ml (3.25%)

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